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Padraig harrington and

Padraig harrington and

In a publicity stunt, the adultery website sent padraig harrington a contract which provided him $5 million for “advertisement, endorsement, purchase and advertising” of their cougar corner dating site.

At this time eventually, Tiger Woods is now offering a 4th alleged mistress which may generate him a great forward guy for unfaithfulness dating website. You will find an atmosphere, that $1 billion-dollar sporting events figure would not even start thinking about these a deal. ????

Seriously though, Ashley Madison failed to allow this advertising opportunity that padraig harrington delivered all of them go to waste. They provided Tiger Woods a contract that they understood, he’d decline. By linked on their own together with the hottest development topic of few days, thirty days and perhaps even 12 months, got enough complimentary worldwide hit.

For more on the tale, visit the nyc frequent News.

Revision: (2009-12-08) – padraig harrington is now offering 10 alleged mistresses.

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